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Paiputech Alliance is an organization composed of Paiputech’s strategic suppliers (members). It was established in 2011.
There are hundreds of manufacturers as Paiputech formal suppliers. Among them, over 40 strategic suppliers (members) are organized as “Paiputech Alliance”. It includes different manufacturing abilities and capacities in corresponding to our products needs. This creates opportunities for all the members to focus on current common questions, share resources, communicate on unified management, process control, continuous improvement, cost saving, discuss efficient solutions and so on. 
All members in the alliance take Q-CLIMB and PAIPUTECH GATING PROCESS as their motto. 
Combined Paiputech alliance with Gating Process, we are developing a E-Sourcing platform based on the AM System (Agile Manufacturing System) which can form our members in the alliance into a “virtual company”, providing the “whole solution” for the clients in global sourcing.