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Paiputech is challenging, but if with the professional sourcing specialist to get the right service, it isnt. Paiputech is right here for you to excel and to achieve immediately results. We can offer the services you need, that is, the Value Added Services.
The value added service is that we make your supply chain complete and perfect for each project. We will find the right supplier and guide you through the entire manufacturing process. With our services you can successfully find your quality Chinese supplier and transfer your production to China. Paiputech has rich experience in supporting a wide selection of businesses from different industries. For complicated projects, we can work together to monitor our allied manufacturers and to work out the details of your requirements. The members in Paiputech alliance mainly are high quality manufacturers with advanced equipments and facilites that will suit to your product, and will enable you to success in your supply chain strategy.
We are confident that at least more than 30% cost reduction will be obtained by our professional operation in each process. And this entire process is open to you. We will help you to reach your goal and achieve your requirements.

Complete Sourcing and Procurement Management
- Customized Service for your China procurement program
Product Development 
-  Professional support and management for the success of the project

Quality Control

- Quality assurance of your product manufactured in supplier logistic service

Logistic Service 
- On time delivery
Research and Reporting Services
- Accurate and reliable information necessary to make the right decision

Please refer to our process Q-CLIMB and Paiputech Gating Process to get more information about our work.